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James Rasberry

James Rasberry

James has built a reputation in the Real Estate industry based on firsthand knowledge, experience, and creativity. A masters degree in real estate finance, early years trading mortgage backed securities, a couple of decades of commercial real estate brokerage, and extensive residential and commercial development experience combine to yield a complete understanding of the real estate process rarely available on the broker level. His broad vision has made him a pioneer in the redevelopment of Downtown Memphis, a leading developer in the Midtown and Cooper Young area, and a keen innovator in infill projects throughout the city. He also brings broad knowledge of the entitlement process and the intricacies of public planning process. Current clients include BHN Corp., Combustion, and Leitner, Williams, Dooley and Napolitan, PLLC. Recent transactions include the sale of Overton Square, Liberrto Surgical on Marshall, the Armstrong building and many more.

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Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor comes to Rasberry CRE with 15 years of experience in the retail market. As a native Memphian, he specializes in the creative reuse and marketing of older industrial, retail, and office locations in the core of the city. In 2013, Robert was the winner of In Rel’s office challenge, leasing the most square footage of any agent for the year in In Rel’s extensive office portfolio. Robert is a member of the National Association of Realtors and a CCIM Candidate. Robert’s clients include Neely’s BBQ, Splash Creative, Life Choices, Fresenius Medical Care, and Christ Community Health Services.

Client List

Fresenius Medical Care 4601 Quince 8000sf Tenant/Lease

Fresenius Medical Care 4500 Summer 7000sf Tenant/Lease

ACA Communities 2675 Union 5000sf Purchaser/Sale

Christ Community Health Services 2400 Poplar 3500sf Tenant/Lease

Life Choices 2400 Poplar 2500sf Tenant/Lease

Goodwill Industries 651 McLean 2500sf Landlord/Lease

Muddy’s Bake Shop 2497 Broad 3000sf Landlord/Lease

Collage Dance Ensemble 2497 Broad 2000sf Landlord/Lease

Karen Adam’s Designs 2635 Broad 4000sf Landlord.Tenant/Lease

City and State 2625 Broad 3000sf Landlord.Tenant/Lease

Coroutine 2657 Broad 1400sf Landlord.Tenant/Lease

Donny Granger Designs 2655 Broad 1400sf Landlord.Tenant/Lease

Harvest Creative 348 North Main 3000sf Landlord.Tenant/Lease

Splash Creative 2574 Autumn 2500sf Landlord.Tenant/Lease

Tioga Environmental 2574 Autumn 2500sf Landlord.Tenant/Lease

Victory Bicycle Studio 2549 Broad 2500sf Landlord.Tenant/Lease

Becker Law Firm Clark Tower 1800sf Landlord.Tenant/Lease

Southern Growth Marketing 619 Cooper 2500sf Landlord/Lease

Silicone Arts Lab 806 Cooper 2400sf Landlord/Lease

Travis & Associates 62 Flicker 1300sf Landlord.Tenant/Lease

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Herbert Cochrane

Herbert Cochrane

Herb entered Commercial Real Estate, after founding and operating BLUE SKY COURIERS for many years, in Memphis, Tennessee. The business was sold, and continues to grow. After delivering for most every business/industry in the Memphis area, He now applies his extensive network of business contacts to Commercial Real Estate. Recent emphasis is the re-purposing of properties in Midtown and Downtown Memphis. Herb assists Buyers and Landowners seeking transactions in agricultural, recreational, and hunting properties. He holds advanced degrees in Soil Sciences and Hydrology,specifically as they relate to agriculture. FOR RECOMMENDATIONS, VIEW OUR TESTIMONIAL PAGE.



3260 N. Watkins (SALE)

2627 James Rd. (SALE)

645 Marshall Ave (SALE)

2924 Walnut Grove (LEASE)

206 East G.E. Patterson (LEASE)

7521 Pleasant Ridge Rd. (SALE)


484 Union Ave. (SALE)

1567 Overton Park (SALE)

2924 Walnut Grove Restaurant (LEASE)

81 Tillman St. (SALE)

2206 Union Ave (SALE)

27 W. Carolina (SALE)

10 S. Main (LEASE)

2463 Poplar (LEASE)

571 Marshall Ave (SALE)

3544 Jackson Ave. (SALE)

2924 Walnut Grove (LEASE)

97 Tillman (SALE)

435 Madison Ave (SALE)

Vance/Front NW Lot (SALE)

0 Florida (Loflin Backyard) (SALE)

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Marc Tate

Marc Tate

Marc’s background includes over 25 years of management with FedEx. As Managing Director of FedEx Retail, Marc was responsible for over 1,100 staffed FedEx Service Centers, and the network of over 40,000 self service locations. This included site selection, leasing, design and profitability.

Marc owns and operates a local retail specialty food franchise, engages in retail and consumer facing consulting projects, and serves on the board of a West Coast technology company. His real estate experience includes office, retail and technology centered facilities.

Marc can be contacted directly at or 901.412.9008

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