James Rasberry


James has built a reputation in the Real Estate industry based on firsthand knowledge, experience, and creativity. A masters degree in real estate finance, early years trading mortgage backed securities, a couple of decades of commercial real estate brokerage, and extensive residential and commercial development experience combine to yield a complete understanding of the real estate process rarely available on the broker level. His broad vision has made him a pioneer in the redevelopment of Downtown Memphis, a leading developer in the Midtown and Cooper Young area, and a keen innovator in infill projects throughout the city. He also brings broad knowledge of the entitlement process and the intricacies of public planning process. Current clients include BHN Corp., Combustion, and Leitner, Williams, Dooley and Napolitan, PLLC. Recent transactions include the sale of Overton Square, Liberrto Surgical on Marshall, the Armstrong building and many more.

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