Your Startup Can Act Big on a Small Budget

2007-10-08 by Brad Patten

I had lunch recently with a friend who is starting a new business with a partner. He worked 20 years for big companies.

He wanted an address on Camelback Avenue, a cool Web site, a voice-mail system with a virtual receptionist, laptops, unified messaging, and the illusion that he was a big company, not a startup.

“We’re operating under the principle of `fake it until we make it,’” he said.

He was pleased when I told him he could “fake it” for $10,000 in start-up capital and as a little as a few hundred dollars a month for services.

“You gotta love technology,” he said.

If you’re a starting a new business, you certainly do love it. Technology lets you act big on a small budget.

Here’s some of the advice I gave him and would give any entrepreneur starting a new business:

My friend is right. Technology certainly can help you “fake it until you make it.” With good technology – and a good business model – you shouldn’t have to fake it for long.

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