Herbert Cochrane

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Herb entered the world of Commercial Real Estate after selling BLUE SKY COURIERS in Memphis, Tennessee. He was founder and co-owner of the startup company. After handling deliveries for nearly every business/industry in the Memphis area, He now applies his extensive network of business contacts to Commercial Real Estate. Most recently his emphasis is the re-purposing of buildings in Midtown and Downtown Memphis. Also, his network of varied regional contacts aids in the pursuit of agricultural, recreational, and hunting properties. RECENT TRANSACTIONS BELOW:


206 East G.E. Patterson (LEASE)

7521 Pleasant Ridge Rd. (SALE)


484 Union Ave. (SALE)

1567 Overton Park (SALE

81 Tillman St. (SALE)

2206 Union Ave (SALE)

27 W. Carolina (SALE)

10 S. Main (LEASE)

2463 Poplar (LEASE)

571 Marshall Ave (SALE)

3544 Jackson Ave. (SALE)

2924 Walnut Grove (LEASES)

97 Tillman (SALE)

435 Madison Ave (SALE)

Vance/Front Lot (SALE)

0 Florida (Loflin Backyard) SALE

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