Developer banks on The Edge District

Development Services Group Inc. (DSG), via PGK Properties LLC, has amassed seven properties — including the former Wonder Bread bakery — in the Edge District with the hope of creating a “live, work, play community.” (As quoted from Memphis Business Journal.)

The Edge District lies between the Medical District and Downtown. The parcels of land PGK Properties now has in its’ care include: 435 Madison Ave., 400 Monroe Ave., 421 Monroe Ave., 620 Union Ave., and 603 Monroe Ave, as well as two parcels without addresses on Monroe and Union purchased from the Memphis Publishing Company.

The most recent property purchased, but the first to draw DSG’s interest in the area,is the former Hostess bakery, located at 400 Monroe.

DSG, according to Gary Prosterman, said they now own approximately eight-acres in The Edge District.
They will likely take the next three to six months to work on a plan, but some smaller buildings such as the Kudzu’s Bar & Grill and the Memphis Cycle & Supply Shop might undergo construction “relatively quickly.” (source, MBJ, February, 2016.)